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Founded in 1899, the Danish Nurses' Organization (DNO) safeguards the interests of around 75.000 nurses. Membership is voluntary, and approx. 87% of practising Danish nurses are members.
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We are pleased to welcome you to the English website of the DNO. The DNO's work takes its starting point in the vision and the five position papers approved by the DNO Congress. We have formulated our vision in the following way:

“We move boundaries – in the organization, profession and society".

This is the sighting point of all DNO activities – from every day lives of members in the workplace to the top executive. This vision is the point of departure for the DNO position on the life and democracy of the organization, nurses’ salary and working conditions and the nursing profession. We are also preoccupied with health political issues, development and research in nursing and cooperation with other organizations at national, Nordic, European and international levels.

We strive towards nurses being paid according to the profession's high value to society, for professional nursing of high quality, and we participate actively in the health policy debate.

Grete Christensen
President of the DNO

09. december 2010
23. september 2015