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Kirsten Stallknecht receives the Christiane Reimann prize 2013

The International Council of Nurses has awarded Kirsten Stallknecht the Christiane Reimann Prize – the Nobel prize in nursing.
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In Melbourne, 18 May 2013, the prestigious award was given to Kirsten Stallknecht, president of the Danish Nurses' Organization from 1968 to 1996 and president of ICN 1997-2001. She received the award in recognition of the huge work she has put into the international arena through 32 years.

Kirsten served in the international nursing arena all her working life. Always caring for the small and underdeveloped countries. Always striving to support them to build up sustainable nursing organizations.

Nurses in Eastern Europe, especially the Baltic States, Poland and Romania have benefited from Kirsten's efforts. Also the South African nursing organization, DENOSA, remembers Kirsten as a strong support, and in 2009 she received DENOSA's honorary award for her efforts.

Kirsten Stallknecht has received other awards and was in 1990 made Knight of Dannebrog, in 1996 Knight of 1st Degree of Dannebrog, and 2001 Commander of the Dannebrog.

The Order of the Dannebrog is a means of honouring and rewarding the faithful servants of the modern Danish state for meritorious civil or military service, for a particular contribution to the arts, sciences or business life or for those working for Danish interests. Commander of the Dannebrog is the highest Danish Order ever given to a nurse.

Kirsten Stallknecht did not participate in the Congress, but sent her greetings in a video.


 The Christiane Reimann Prize 2013

Hent Microsoft SilverlightThe Christiane Reimann Prize 2013



 Presentation of the Christiane Reimann Prize 2013

Hent Microsoft SilverlightPresentation of the Christiane Reimann Prize 2013

Video by courtesy of the International Council of Nurses (ICN)

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13. maj 2013